Hi guys! I am Lim Zhi Wei, but that is way too formal and my friends always have difficulties remembering Chinese names, you can call me by my childhood nickname, Limzy (see, now we’re friends!) in short. Ignore the stern looking face above, but in real I can be very nice and have coffee with you! I realise that artists always have a no-nonsense introduction in the ‘About’ section, which seems bland and cold, hence I am writing something casual and chatty here to break the ice with you. If you need a serious version of me, do go ahead with the ‘Biography‘ page.

I am a visual artist, and these two years, my main media have been flowers and leaves. But I do also use many other materials from food to stationery. Something that probably you can do too, give it a try and hashtag me! A lot of people told me that they fear to even hold the pen, their drawing is ugly, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ etc etc etc… But in fact, drawing is just like writing, playing, talking; It is a basic instinct. Everyone can do it. It is a gift. It is about the journey. It is about the work in progress. You won’t find a child that says ‘No, I can’t draw!’.

Life is a journey of conquering all your fears, proving all the ‘No, I can’t!’ wrong, finding your inner child, accepting risks, getting out of the comfort zone. And most of all? Believe and dive into that leap of faith.

I am here to be friends with you, and share with you my journey of becoming that child again, with eyes that see the simplest beauty and happiness in the world. And I want nothing back but your smile.

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