This Mother’s Day I collaborated with Newo Digital (a sub company of Tencent) at Shanghai to create a short clip for Tencent QQ Messenger to celebrate mother’s day and also to promote QQ’s new sound recording function now available in its Mobile chatroom app. The 10 images narrates the relationship between a mother and daughter from the daughter’s birth to adulthood using only watercolor and flowers. I shall not describe too much of the details and let you do the interpretation. Looking back at this series, I think it looks like a silent drama that depicts the chronicles of a mother’s life.
A huge thank you to Kevin and Celine from Tencent. I was supposed to fly to Shanghai for this project but due to my really tight schedule, we decided for an overseas collaboration instead. For two weeks, day and night, we use QQ Messenger to discuss and communicate about everything. From sketches, types of flowers, storyboard, scripting etc, this project would have never be done without QQ.
A big thank you to all the love and support all the way from China. And after much requests, I have created a Weibo account! I am still struggling with all the functions here and there, but I will update often there as well!
Last but not least, I made this as a gift for my mother and all the mommas around the world. Happy Mother’s Day and much love. 

7 Comments on “A MOTHER’S LOVE

  1. Such a touching story dear :'( I see myself in the story too… You did a really great job! ❤

  2. Thank you dear! Sorry that I didn't get to update you and the girls. It's a really last minute thing and I am literally rushing every midnight last week! I am glad you find resonance in the images! Be strong and much love.

  3. Ahh Limzy! These are gorgeous! Please let me know if you're ever in KL. We should meet up 😉

  4. Thank you dearest Aggie! Yes of course I will let you know should I be going up to KL in future! xo.

  5. I see myself standing next to my daughter as the bride. This is exactly like a photo taken on my daughter’s wedding day in June 2014. Do you sell this particular print? I bought three of your photography prints.

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