Event: Malaysia Forum 2014 – Singapore 
Location: National University of Singapore – Faculty of Law (Bukit Timah Campus)
My previous job was an art teacher, so I have no trouble dealing with kids with messy hands and muddy paints and just fooling around. But for the very first time, I was about to speak in front of a group of adults, and presumably most of them are not from or familiar with the art scene. I was excited and nervous altogether. Excited for a new challenge, nervous for the peculiar new audience. 
‘Will they even step into my workshop?’
‘I would never join a lawyer’s talk!’
But at the end of the forum, I proved myself wrong. Everyone was as warm and open minded as they were curious. I was lucky to share my journey being an artist so far with a bunch of fresh listening ears, or simply to hear me complain or explain how making art as a living COULD actually work, and that there are so many underrated local talents that need our attention and platform of chances.
After that we had a quick #instaartmovement doodling workshop using everyday materials. My aim was to let everyone had a chance to doodle and enjoyed art in fresh new ways and seeing ordinary things with different perspectives. As you can see from the pictures, the organizer was kind enough to prepare all sorts of materials from fruits to stationeries to toys that instantly brightened everyone’s moody morning (It was raining heavily since dawn and some were still wet just to attend the forum!). This idea too, was my very first time to try, but it turned out fun and refreshing. The room was filled with the smell of citrus, I was so excited about the bananas (Yellow really cheers up a space!) and everyone ‘ate’ their artworks after they have completed them.
‘One for the art, one for my mouth!’
I made many new friends and a lot were sweet enough to come up and rant about everything. It was great to know that art can build bridges and unite people together in a subtle, non offensive and creative approach. I am honored and grateful to the wonderful team of MFSG for this valuable experience. Thank you for having me!

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