World of Stamps,  my brother’s old stamps
These stamps were collected by my brother when we were young. Two months ago, my brother got a teaching job at an Australian university and he has since migrated there. He wanted me to keep his old stamp albums. I miss him more than but using these stamps to create a world map somehow makes me feel nearer to him. 
This stamped world map was also made during #whpsentbymail. It gives me a great inspiration for the next project I could start doing. This project too, brings great meaning as snail mail is slowly replaced by the internet and collecting stamps is a long lost hobby almost forgotten by this century. I am thinking if it’s possible for me to collect stamps from countries over the world, rekindling the old hobby, and to make a huge world map. Snail mailing, hand written letters and stamps are the very first few things that connects the world in one. But I might need help from friends all over the world, so let’s see how it goes. 
P/S: And spot the hidden vintage Mickey!

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