My college best friend Clayrene has just got married last December. As art students ourselves, she was stubborn enough to do everything herself and I insisted on helping her all along. Well, that decision has been so right when everything turned out perfect.
My favourite corner will be the wall hanging the personalised victorian silhouettes I made for the couple.

Before this, I never know how to tie the rings together!

My very first pop cake that you need to pop it like a popsicle in order to eat it. Clayrene also has the best and latest ideas.

She spent a lot of hard work preparing the DIY guestbook corner and reception table. Each envelope sticker was painstakingly cut out by the couple!

Wedding days are definitely made of sweat and tears but they sure are the best days to be remembered!

Photos: Zen Lim
Location: Blisshouse Clarke Quay, Singapore
Cake: Your Very Treatz

One Comment on “PART 1: DEL & CLAY’S ROM

  1. Each piece of the decoration is gorgeous. You girls did such a wonderful job! And the photos are amazing -even that cake is mesmerizing! šŸ™‚

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