Roses are the most beautiful, aren’t they? 
And these colourful roses are so easy to make, all you need is crepe paper, double sided tape, glue, scissors, wire and straw (optional) to create them!
Insert the wire into the cut straw and fold as shown below to form the rose stalk,
Prepare a long crepe paper. Stick a line of double sided tape at the bottom and fold down the paper into half,
Fold down at a tip to form a triangle. Stick on some tape to secure the stalk at the tip,
And start rolling! 
Fold outwards while rolling. The roll and fold motion sort of become twisting,
Put some glue after a few turns to secure the petals, 
Repeat the twisting and glueing until the end of another tip. Remember to always hold the bottom of the rose.
When the petals are done, cut a leaf with green crepe paper and poke one of its end through the wire. Glue the wire end to secure.
And you’re done with a beautiful rose!

If you’re still confused, fret not as brother and I made our first video so that the steps are clear and easy!

Now you can do a bunch and brighten your room or a friend. The best thing is, it will never wilt!
p/s: I know the roll and fold and twist are kinda tricky, so I made a video for it! Will be uploading soon. Always remember that practice makes perfect!


2 Comments on “PAPER ROSES

  1. Thank you dear! The vid was very clear and and precise! <3
    I find it very useful 🙂

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