It’s been raining recently and the flowers are all blooming happily in the garden! It was Indonesia’s National Day yesterday. I’ve known a few great friends from there and I wanted to do a Miss Indonesia for my #missworldseries. Jasmine is the country’s national flower, but I have no idea where to find the actual type here! So I just looked around in my garden to see what I could get.
This little white beauty smells so good at night! I picked up some…
And some of these…
And a chrysanthemum garland.
My sketches are turning simpler nowadays and I tend to change the draft in mind along the way. But the sketch suggests how I started everything from scratch. I’ve been to Bali once and I fall in love with their traditional dancing. The costumes are extremely intricate and complicated. It usually comes with a huge headwear and the main colors are gold, yellow and red. 
I’m trying more varieties of color combinations and different types of flower for Miss Indonesia. So before heading down to the real work, I’ll play mix and match with the colors and forms of the flowers to imagine how the dress will eventually turn out to be. 
I’m using both real and artificial flowers for Miss Indo as I’ve run out of champagne and red roses. Hence the skin and hair are cut outs from foam roses. Usually I’ll start with the head and upper body to get a balance of scale of the entire artwork. 
I personally adore the exaggerated headwear. It’s made of a half chrysanthemum and the stamen of a hibiscus. Initially, I had a hard time forming the skirt. It just doesn’t seem right in any way. But after everything else failed I tried using the white tiny flowers to form an escalation down the edge of the skirt, and it’s perfect! 
And here’s the finished piece! I use acrylic paint to complete the facial feature. I hope you’ve enjoyed Miss Indonesia and you can definitely try it yourself! 

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