16. Faraway Forest. Made of popiah wrap, muesli and Nutella. Future house maybe?
17. Cherry Berry. Sakura/cherry blossom and butterfly are made of strawberries (sequel again), branches and chinese ink landscape made of Nutella. First time trying out food dye too!
18. The Proposal. It’s a gift for my best friend Clayrene, she said YES! to her now fiancé under the Eiffel Tower last winter. And she had Ladureé before the surprise! Hence macarons balloons!
19. Red Riding Hood in the Rain. Funnily, it rhymes! I was eating watermelon in the afternoon praying that I won’t get stroke from the merciless heat and that it will rain real soon!
20. Happy Healthy Meal! Ok really, no pun intended. My girlfriend Cas showed me a pic of apple fries, and I made a set meal out of it! Watermelon coke, orange onion rings, apple fries and mini burger made of oat bun and veges. Maybe you can try this on kids who don’t like fruits?
21. Visiting the Pollock Museum! I never really understand abstract paintings, but it’s always the best way just to admire the formal elements of visual arts. Inspired by Ida Frosk, Jackson Pollock (of course) and Norman Rockwell’s ‘The Connosieur’. The painting is made of white bread with mustard, mayo, ketchup and mushroom sauce spread. Man made of white and charcoal bread. Floor tiles made of cucumber, just the perfect way to make a gravy-ish sandwich after that!
22. Earth’s Child, in celebration of Earth’s Day! Made of charcoal soba noodles, parsley, thyme, cherry tomato and mushroom sauce. 
And yes, the weekend is coming! I hope you’ll have a good one!

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  1. Hello there! Sorry that I've decided to give it a break for cg for my next phase and focus in life, but there's still wholesale service so if you're interested, please do let me know. Thank you very much xoxo.

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