09. Fruit Platter Parrot. I figure that it’s a good thing to sum up what I’ve used for the previous creations,  so here’s a miscellaneous, which happens to be a fun fruit platter! Strawberries, apples, kiwis, bananas, purple cabbage and a tiny raisin for the eye.
10. Van Gogh’s breakfast. My first time trying foodscape for Easter. Inspired by his signature complementary colors and post impressionistic strokes, I was imagining Van Gogh eating this hearty meal before heading out to paint. 
On a later note, I should put a bird or two on the sky!
11. Malaysia in a Durian. Have been wanting to do something with this gentle giant. So let’s vote, eat durian and make it a Bersih and fair election!
12. Vege Farmville. Previously I challenge myself using only one or two relevant materials, but this time round I’m trying more, or just anything I can find around me. And this is made of all sorts of mini veges I could rummage out from my fridge.
13. Swiss Roll Snail. I totally screwed up plan A that day, so here’s an impromptu creation using my mini bites takeaway from a meeting that afternoon. Something simple and lighthearted. Made of sesame/pandan swiss roll and glutinous kuih (tart).
14.Nutty Squirrel. A warm up trial with herbs, spices and dried stuff as suggested by my friend Tony. I was admiring Kathleen Lolley‘s forest illustration that evening, hence the inspiration source. Made of dried longans, roasted cashew nuts, cinnamon, mini dried mushrooms, red dates, and ‘liang teh’ grass which I have no idea what to call in English.
15. Roseberry. Suggested by my sister Caslin. For you and all my loved ones. Each rose is made of a single strawberry. Wanted to try something translucent for the vase, but the nata de coco is not obvious enough!
Hope that you enjoy these eye candies!

2 Comments on “MORE FOOD ART

  1. Can't get over how beautiful the strawberry roses are. good for restaurant proposals! 😀

    and i love the veggie farm! with a cow!

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